Migrants- Petra


Family Name: Yaramanis  
Name: Stavros  
Year of Birth:      1942
Father's Name: Efstratios (Stypsi) 
Mother's Name:   Chrysanthi Limneou (Petra)
Siblings:  Themis (Kepeni)
Year of Arrival in West Germany: 1960
Year of Arrival in Australia:    1966 
Married:  Adamandia Marda (Stypsi)
Children:  Chrysoula, Efstratia, Alexandra
City of Residence: Melbourne, Australia
Livelihood:  Small Business- Service Station


Above: My family. With my parents, Chrysanthi and Efstratios, and my sister, Themi. 

Above Right: A portrait from my National Service. 


Above: Working in a printing factory in Athens. I am third from the right. 

Above Right: In Germany, I lived in Cologne, where I worked in a stationery factory. In this photograph, I am repalcing a clutch on a Mercedez Benz. 


Above: Migrating to Australia. c1966. 

Above Right: Posing with my first car in Australia. 


Above: On my wedding day- with my wife, Adamandia. c1968. 

Above Right: With my wife, Adamandia, at Lorne, Victoria. 


Above: As President of the Palesviaki Enosis of Melbourne and Victoria. Standing left to right: myself, Efstratios Pikolos, Ioannis Eskitzis, Nikolaos Vetsikas, Ioannis Hatzivasiliou (who did a lecture on the day), Louis Georgalas, Andonios Andonellis, and Nikolaos Hatzigiannis. seated are: Dimitra Marmarou, Maria Vetsika, Efterpi Hatzigianni and Poppy Pikolou. 

Above Right: Visiting Panagias Glykofilousa on Petra. L-R: Ioannis and Sophia, my wife, Adamandia, and myself.