Migrants- Mesotopos

Family Name: Doudonis 
Name: Efstratios  
Year of Birth:   1949
Father's Name: Mihail Kalambakas (Mesotopos)
Mother's Name:   Calliope Zangouli (Mesotopos)
Siblings:  Christina (Ralli), Magda (Roumelioti), Ralio
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1972
Sponsor:    Christina Ralli (my sister) 
Married:  Marina Glitzou (Livadohori, Limnos)
Children:  Georgios, Calliope (Poppy)
Livelihood:  Factory Hand
Year of Return to Greece:  1984
City of Residence: Podaras (Mesotopos), Lesvos, Greece


Above: My adopted father, Giorgos Doudonis. 

Above Right: With my peers during my National Service. I am second from the left. 


Above: A portrait, taken in Sydney, Australia. 

Above Right: With my fiance (at the time), Marina Glitzou. 

Above: With my wife, Marina, and our children, Calliope (Poppy) and Giorgos.