Migrants- Limnos


Family Name: Banos
Name: Konstantinos  
Father's Name: Athanasios (Panayia, Imvros)   
Mother's Name:   Aglaia Kalogera (Mirina, Limnos) 
Siblings:  Marika (Harris), Zafiris, Adamandios  
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1953
Married:  Maria Angeli (Agia Paraskevi, Lesvos) 


City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
Livelihood:  Small Business- Dry-Cleaning shop



Above: An early family portrait of Konstantinos' parents, Athanasios and Aglaia, and his siblings, Marika (middle) and Zafiris (right). 

Above Right: A portrait of Konstantinos himself- taken in the late 1940s. 


Above: Mascot, Sydney, 1954. With his wife-to-be, Maria Angeli. 

Above Right: Sydney, 1960s. The Banos family- Konstantinos and Maria Banos, and their son, Arthur. 


Above: At a social party (1960s) with Konstantinos Kazanis (middle) and his brother-in-law, Georgios Angelis.

Above Right: Manly, Sydney, early 1970s. With his sister, Marika, and niece, Poppy

Above: Revesby, Sydney, 1960s. Working in the family business- Resevby Dry Cleaners. 


Above: Athens, 1987.  With his brother, Adamandios, and, cousins, Maria Danezi and Adamandios Karagiannis. Konstantinos is on the right. 

Above Right: Sydney, late 1990s. Konstantinos with his grandchildren, Steven and Kostan.