Migrants- Mytilene


Family Name: Emmanouil  
Name: Andonios   
Life:   1915- 1979
Father's Name: Athanasios (Moschonisia, Asia Minor coast)
Mother's Name:   Calliope Gennitsariotou (Mytilene) 
Siblings:  Ioannis, Figitsa
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1967
Sponsor:    Georgios Emmanouil (his son) 
Married: Myrsini Thermiotou (Mytilene)
Children:  Georgios
City of Residence: Melbourne, Australia 



Above: Makri Gialos, Mytilene. As a young man, Andonios was a member of the Naftikos Omilos and enjoyed swimming.  

Above Right: A portrait. 


Above: In front of his Butcher's shop in Mytilene. 

Above Right. Andonios and his wife, Myrsini (first and second from right respectively), pose with the Captain and other passengers during their voyage to Australia. 

Above: With his wife, Myrsini.