Apokriatiko Carnavale 2010

Huge Success at this Year's Carnavale 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

In the warm spirit of friendship and close co-operation, the Progressive Community of Agiassos (Sydney) and Mytilenian Brotherhood of NSW held their Apokriatiko Dance together at the Mytilenian House, Canterbury. 

What made this year's Carnavale special was it was for the first time both groups held it together- a clear sign Sydney's respective Lesvian groups are ready to work together for the benefit of the community.


Above: Two photographs capturing what a wonderful it was. On the left is a photograph of both Committees, while on the right are the women and boys dressed in traditional costumes. 

In a well-decorated hall, over 250 members and guests enjoyed a memorable night of Carnavale fun, whether it was the dancing or the satire. 

Both respective Presidents, Nikolaos Savvas and Stavros Kritikos, expressed in the speeches the sincere respect and joy both committees experienced in the Night's preparation and its success merely highlighted the need for continued support for each other. 


Above: Both Presidents of the respective Lesvian Groups, Nikolaos Savvas and Stavros Kritikos, thank Melpomeni Savvas and Elias Xanthos for their satirical performances. 

Highlights of the Night were: over twenty women and boys dressed up in traditional Agiassiotiki wear for the parade and dance, Melpomeni Savvas and Elias Xanthos' satirical speeches, and Eleni Papahatzis' impromptu performance.  

For more photographs: Photo Gallery


Editor's Note: We must commend both Presidents, Nikolaos Savvas and Stavros Kritikos, and their respective Committees on the great initiative to hold the Carnavale together. Sydney's Lesvian community can only get stronger with Associations working together. It is win-win situation for everyone involved, whether it is the Committees, the Members and the community itself! We have always supported reconciliatory moves among Sydney's Lesvian groups (re: Forums) and such events as the Carnavale simply proves what can be achieved with co-operation, understanding and good-will. We look forward to other co-hosted events and functions among all Lesvian groups in the future. Congratulations to everyone onvloved in Saturday's success!!!!