Migrants- Paleohori


Family Name: Kaldellis 
Name: Maria 
Life:  1908- 1988 
Father' Name: E (Paleohori)
Mother's Name:   Hariklia  
Siblings:  Panagiotis, Milia, Kokoni, Anna, Anastasia 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1947
Sponsor:  Tzanos Karabetsos (her fiance at the time)
Married: Tzanos Karabetsos (Paleohori) 
Children:  Evangelia 
City of Residence: Peak Hill, New South Wales, Australia
 Livelihood: Small Business- Shops 


Above: A portrait of Maria's mother, Hariklia.

Above Right: A photograph of Harilkia and her sister, Anna.


Above: A portrait of Maria.

Above Right: Maria's sisters, Kokoni and Aspasia, who had migrated to the United States of America. 


Above: Her family. With her husband, Tzanos, and their daughter, Angela (Evangelia).

Above Right: With her daughter, Angela.


Above: Visiting Sydney. With Kyratso Markou and her son, Georgios.

Above Right: With Horiani. L-R: Venetia, her daughter, Angela, herself, Apostolos and Mersina Achilara.