Migrants- Plomari


Family Name: Sanida  
Name: Rodoula   
Year of Birth:  1934
Father's Name: Leonidas (Plomari)   
Mother's Name:   Despina Moutzouri (Plomari) 
Siblings:  Fotios, Ioanis, Georgios 
Year of Arrival in New Zealand: 1958
Sponsor:    Dimitrios Lagoutaris (my fiance at the time)  
Married: Dimitrios Lagoutaris (Plomari) 
Children:  Grigorios, Leonidas  
City of Residence: Wellington, New Zealand 
Livelihood: Factory Hand  


Above: My parents, Leonidas and Despina. 

Above Right: Walking along Plomari's promenade. L-R: Irini Tsakiri, Morfia and myself. 


Above: At the panygiri of Agios Georgios (Vatahti). L-R: my mother, Despina, unknown (2), myself and Irini. 

Above Right: Plomari, 1957. L-R: Irini Lagoutaris, myself, Mersini and, Zoe and my brother, Fotios- who were engaged at the time. 


Above: At my engagement party. I am standing first from the left and next to me is my mother, Despina. My father, Leonidas, is seated first from the left. 

Above Right: With my future sisters-in-law and a horiani. L-R: Persa (top), Theodora (front), myself (front), Maria (top), Myrsini and Irini.  


Above: With my husband, Dimitrios, and our children, Grigorios and Leonidas. We were traveling to Greece for a holiday at the time. The other passenger (middle) is unknown. 

Above Right: As a worker in a printing company.