Migrants- Stavros


Family Name: Agiaparaskevotou   
Name:  Eleni  Irini
Year Of Birth:   1950 1956
Father' Name: Ignatios    
Mother's Name:    Efstratia Vranis   

Year of Arrival in Australia:

1967 1967
Sponsor:      Meletis Verdis
Ignatios Agiaparaskevotis (my father)
Married:       Efstratios Kouroulis (Ambeliko) Ioannis Paraschos (Laconia)
Children:      Georgios, Ignatios, Efstratia  Efstratia, Antonia 
City of Residence: Sydney Sydney
 Livelihood:   Small Business- shops School Teacher (Secondary)


Above: Eleni, with her mother, Efstratia. 
Above: Agios Tharapontas' Feast Day, 1967. Irene is fourth from the left, with her mother, Efstratia, next to her. In the photograph is our maternal auntie, Vlotina, her husband, Ioannis and his family.
Above Right: Irene, as a ten year old, in the front yard of her house.
Above Right: At Eleni's daughter Efstratia's Graduation at Sydney University. 
Above: Eleni and Irini at an Apokries Carnavale.
Above Right:  Eleni, with her first grandson, Efstratios