Migrants- Village


Surname: Kourouli 
Name: Maria 
Year of Birth:  1938
Father's Name: Georgios 
Mother's Name:   Athanasia Sitara 
Siblings:  Konstantinos, Efstratios, Aristea, Evangelia (Metaxi) 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1958
Sponsor:    Stylianos Kyriakou (my fiance at the time) 
Married: Stylianos Kyriakou (Ambeliko) 
Children:  Athanasia, Konstantinos 
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood: Small Business: Shops


Above: My maternal grandfather, Konstantinos Sitaras (third from the left), with his friends. Standing is the Secretary of Ambeilko, Georgios Valakos.

Above: Outside our family home- my sister, Evangelia, and our parents, Georgios and Athanasia.  

Above: Atlas Club, 1962. Leading the dance are Stelios "Psomas" and his wife. I am third in the row, followed by my husband, Stylianos (Stan).

Above: The Kyriakou (Kikis) family; with my husband, Stylianos (Stan) and our children, Konstantinos and Athanasia.

Above: With my grandchildren, Gavriil and Elias.