Migrants- Dafia


Family Name: Agamalis
Name: Ignatios
Life:   1934- 1988
Father' Name: Andonios (Agra)
Mother's Name:   Ourania Kontelli (Asia Minor)
Siblings:  Mihail, Eleni (Foniani)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1957
Sponsor:    unknown
Married: Eleni Demirtji (Stypsi)
Children:  Ourania, Andonios, Stylianos
City of Residence: Sydney
 Livelihood: Small Business- Fish Shop/ Milk Bar


Above: His parents and family. From left, they are: his sister, Eleni; his mother, Ourania; his father, Andonios; his paternal grandmother, Sappho; and himself. Circa 1955.

Above Right: Harvesting the potatoes in the village. Ignatios is first from left. Circa 1954


Above: With friends. Ignatios is second from the left.

Above Right: Sydney, 1957, in his first year living in Sydney.


Above: With his fiance, Eleni Demirtjis (1960).

Above Right: At the fish shop in the N.S.W country town, Young. On the left is his employer, Panagiotis Aletra (from Stypsi).

Above: The Agamalis family. With his wife, Eleni, and their children, Andonis, Stylianos and Eleni.