Villages- Antissa


Family Name: Loukis
Name: Zafiris
Year Of Birth:  1933
Father' Name: Haralambos (Antissa)
Mother's Name:   Artemis Kyriakelli (Antissa)
Siblings:  Maria (Iatrelli), Georgia (Parmagos), Panagiotis, Konstantinos
Year of Arrival in New Zealand: 1963 (Zafiris spent three years in Australia before moving to New Zealand)
Sponsor:    D.E.M.E Gov't Sponsored Program (for Australia)
Married: Maritsa Kaidoni (Antissa)
Children:  Paraskevi, Artemis
City of Residence: Wellington, New Zealand
 Livelihood: Factory Hand/Supervisor- Feltex Rubber



Above: My parents, Haralambos and Artemis. 

Above Right: A photograph taken my National Service; I am second from the left. 


Above: Another photograph taken during my National Service. 

Above Right: My father, Haralambos, on Gavathas beach. 


Above: Athens, 1960. On my way to Australia. With Leandros Kalfas (right). 

Above Right: On Abercombie St, Redfern, Sydney. L-R: myself, Andonios Kapetanellis, unknown and Athanasios Koudounas. 


Above: With my wife, Maria. 

Above Right: With my wife, Maria, and my daughters, Paraskevi and Artemis.