Migrants- Megalohori


Family Name: Ververi  
Name: Kleoniki    
1923- 1991
Father's Name: Ioannis (Megalohori)   
Mother's Name:   Persephone "Permathia" Pandelleli (Megalohori) 
Siblings:  Panagiotis, Maria, Kleanthis, Irini (Moutzouri)
Year of Arrival in New Zealand: 1939
Sponsor:    Panagiotis Ververis (her brother)  
Married: Dimitrios Sotirhos (Plomari)
Children:  Ioannis, Persephone, Georgios, Maria  
City of Residence: Wellington, New Zealand 
Livelihood: Small Business- Barber Shop



Above: As a teenager. Kleoniki is on the left, while her sister, Irini, is on the right. 

Above Right: In Athens (1938) and on her way to New Zealand.. L-R: unknown, her mother, Permathia, Kleoniki herself, and her father, Ioannis.  


Above: With her husband, Dimitrios, at the Trentham Races, Upper Hut. 

Above Right: A photograph taken during Kleoniki's visit to Greece in 1958. L-R: Maria Gougoula and, Kleoniki and her daughter, Persephone.  


Above: Another photograph taken during her visit to Greece. Kleoniki is seated with her parents, Ioannis and Permathia, while standing on the left is her husband, Dimitrios, and standing on the left is her daughter, Persephone. 

Above Right: Her mother, Permathia. 


Above: At the family business, James Soteros Hairdressers. 

Above Right: With her husband, Dimitrios, and her children.