Migrants- Dafia

Surname: Contou
Name: Melpomeni
Year of Birth:  1927
Father's Name: Nikolaos 
Mother's Name:   Permathoula Gavriil 
Siblings: Kalliope (Sikiotou), Alkiviades, Rallis, Ahilleas 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1955
Sponsor: Gov't Sponsored Program (DEME)
Married: Georgios Christou (Dafia)
Children:  Paraskevas, Kyriakoula 
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood: Factory Hand- Dunlop Tyres


Above: My parenst, Nikolaos and Permathoula.

Above Middle: As a teenager in Kalloni.

Above Right: With my son, Paraskevas, who was four months old at the time.


Above: Port Kembla (New South Wales), 1956. My husband was working at Port Kembla Steelworks at the time. He and I are first and second from the left respectively.

Above Right: With my family: my husband, Georgios, and our children, Paraskevas and Kyriakoula.


Above: On the Patris and on our way to Greece for a holiday (1967). My daughter, Kyriakoula, is third from the right ; she is about to recite a poem. I am first from the left in the second row- next to me is my brother, Rallis.

Above Right: Visiting our family fields in Dafia, Pigadelia, with my husband, Georgios.