Migrants- Samos


Family Name: Hatzistamatiou 
Name: Efterpi (Effy)
Year of Birth:      1946
Father's Name: Ioannis 
Mother's Name:   Georgia Kretsou 
Siblings:  Polyxeni (Plastargias)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1965
Sponsor:    Despina Karida (my cousin)
Married:  Georgios Efstathiou (Paleokastro, Samos) 
Children:  Kassandra, Emmanouil, Ioanna
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
Livelihood:  Factory hand



Above: My father, Ioannis, and my paternal grandmother, Despina Hatzistamatiou (nee: Karabelas). 

Above Right: My parents, Ioannis and Georgia. 


Above: School Play at Christmas.  The photograph captures the Nativity scene; I am seated fifth from the right. 

Above Right: With my god-daughter, Efterpi. 


Above: First job in Syndey, Australia; it was a factory which made boxes for shoes, shirts and other things. Here I am with my fellow work friends during our lunchbreak. I am on the left. 

Above Right: At a Samian social dance (Sydney); I am first from the left, while my husband, Georgios, who is holding our daughter, Kassandra, is first from the right.