Migrants- Neohori

Family Name: Asproloupos
Name:  Emmanouil
Life:  1917- 1995
Father' Name: Vasilios
Mother's Name:    Mylia Venetis
Siblings:    Panagiotis, Georgios, Andonios,  Irini (Ververis), Nikolaos

Year of Arrival in Australia:

Married:       Eleni Argirelli (Lisvori)
Children:      Vasilios, Spyridoula, Mylia, Georgios
  City of Residence: Sydney
 Livelihood:   Small Business- Cafes, Fish Shop


Above: His parents, Vasilios and Mylia.

Above Right: During World War II, Emmanouil served in the Australian Army and fought in New Guinea. He is on the left.

Above: With his brothers. From left, they are: Andonios, Nikolaos, himself and Panagiotis.

Above Right: Coonamble, late 1940's. Emmanouil and his wife, Eleni- with their first child, Vasilios (in pram)- and Mersina and Efstathios Michalis- with their baby, Dimitri. Emmanouil and Efstathios served in the Australian Army together and later became partners in their cafe in Coonamble.

Above: Coonamble. With family. In the top are: Giogos Panseliniades and his daughter, Francis, himself, Roula and Giorgos. In the bottom row are: Soula Asproloupos- who is holding Vasilis, Eleni- his wife, Martha and Milly.

Above Right: With his wife, Eleni.

Above: With his daughter, Roula, in their family business in Bathurst. They owned the business for eleven years (1963-73).