Migrants- Papados



Family Name: Tremoulas  
Name: Nikolaos  
Year of Birth:    1922
Father's Name: Giannakos Hatzikonstantinos (Menemeni, Asia Minor)
Mother's Name:   Marigo Doumouzi (Papados)
Siblings:  Spyridonas, Efstratios, Paraschos, Eleni (Kalaitzi), Mersini (Samiotou)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1955
Sponsor: Christos Trikos (my cousin) 
Married:   Eleni Zahari (Agia Paraskevi)
Children:  Mary
City of Residence:   Melbourne, Australia
Livelihood:  Small Business- fish & chips shop


Above A photographs taken shortly after my family arrived in Mytilene as refugees in the Exchange of Populations between Greece and Turkey. In the photograph are my parents, Marigo- who is holding my sister Mersini- and Giannakos- who is holding my sister Eleni- and my brothers, Spyridonas, Efstratios and Paraschos.

Above Right: As a baby. 


Above: A photograph taken during my National Service. I am in the front row, first from left. 

Above Right: After being discharged from the army, I settled and worked in Athens. In this photograph, I am out with friends. On the left (foreground) is Dimitrios Karagiozis, while I am first from the right. Next to me is Anestis Tsirigotis. 


Above: With Mihail Flaskis (middle) and Dimitrios Karagiozis in St Kilda, Melbourne. 

Above Right; With my fiance, Eleni Zahari, at our engagement. 


Above: With my wife, Eleni, and our daughter, Mary.

Above Right: For many decades I have been active within the Lesvian Association(s) of Melbourne, culminating as the President of the Pallesviaki Enosis of Melbourne and Victoria (1994- 1997).  In this photograph we are celebrating Independence Day. L-R: Stavros Geramanis, Doukas Georgalas, unknown, my grand-daughter, Anna, myself and Marigo Vetsika. Circa mid 1990's.