Migrants- Pterounda


Family Name: Hilellis 
Name: Lefkothea
Year of Birth:  1942
Father's Name: Ignatios (Vatousa)
Mother's Name:   Maria Mamatsi (Vatousa)
Siblings:  Antonios, Dimitrios, Eleni, (Konstantelli), Mihail, Georgios
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1961
Married: Mihail Hassapis (Parakila)
Children: Dimitrios, Panagiotis 
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
Livelihood: Small Business- Take Away shops


Above: A portrait of Hilellis family.

Above Right: Knitting and sewing with my friends, Fofo Kyriakou, Penelope and Eleni Bordellis. I am first from the left. 


Above: At the Feast Day celebrations of Agios Giannis. From left; Giorgos, Kavourellis, my brother, Mihalis Hilelliis, and mei. 

Above Right: My brothers, Dimitrios and Mihalis- with our cousin, Fifis (left).


Above: In our neighbourhood. I am sitting in the middle, and behind me is my mother, Maria. Seated are also Vaia (far left) and Chrysa Arvanitou and Panagiota Karamina (right), while standing are Vaso Arvanitou and Fofo (left) and Dimitrios Spanellis (second from right).

Above Right: At our family business- a take-away in St Marys, Sydney. I am with my sister-in-law, Cleopatra Papadopoulos and our children.