Migrants- Paleohori


Surname: Mouhtouri
Name: Marina 
Life:  1902- 1997
Father's Name: Dimitrios (Paleohori)
Mother's Name:   Mersini (Paleohori)
Siblings:  Christos 
Year of Arrival in Egypt: 1937
Sponsor:    Christos Mouhtouris (her brother)
Year of Arrival in Australia:    1958
Sponsor:    Mary Patsamani (her daughter) and Joseph Mouhtouris (her nephew)
Children:  Marina
City of Residence: Sydney


Above: Paleohori, mid 1920's. Marina is standing with her aunt, Kouzinia (right). Seated are Kouzinia's daughter, Eleni (left) and Evangelitsa. 

Above Right: Visiting her brother, Christos, in Egypt, 1925. With Christos (standing) and his adopted parents, Maria (standing) and Joseph Zaccar, and her daughter, Maria. 


Above: Athens, 1936. With her niece (seated) and her daughter, Maria. Marina and Maria were staying in Athens at the time, while they were preparing to migrate. 

Above Middle: With her brother, Christos. 

Above Right: With her daughter, Maria, and her step-brother, Charlie Mouhtouris, from the United States of America. 


Above: With her daughter, Maria, and her nephew, Joseph Mouhtouris. 

Above Right: With her brother, Christos, and visiting Greek actors,  Vasilis Logothetidis and Ilia Livikou.