Migrants- Vassilika


Family Name: Tsangaliotis
Name: Haralambos
Year of Birth:  1943
Father's Name: Dimitrios
Mother's Name:   Chryso Daglis
Siblings:  Eleftherios, Marika, Zervos
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1986
Married: Eleni Koleta (Karditsa)
Children:  Dimitrios, Eleftheria
City of Residence: Sydney
 Livelihood: Self- Employed Builder

Above: My parents, Dimitrios and Chryso, outside our local church, Panagias Theotokou.

Above Right: Riding a rented bike in our village.

Above: This photograph was taken at our village. From left we are: my parents, Dimitrios and Chryso; my wife, Eleni (Koletas); me; my sister, Marika; and my cousin, Dimitroula.

Above Right: Leaving Greece(1966), we took this photograph in Piraeus. From left, we are: my wife's sister, Fotini; my wife, Eleni; me; my mother, Chryso; my mother-in-law, Ekaterini, and my brother-in-law, Nikos Koletas. Sitting are: Maria and Andonis.

Above: Celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary with my wife, Eleni, family and friends