Lesvian Community Shows Its Big Heart and Care

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sydney's Lesvian community came out in full force in support of Sydney school teacher, Vasilis Vasilas, in an effort to give him the necessary boost to continue his work on Lesvian Migration. 

The Fundraiser was jam-packed with activity, with plenty of food (all kindly cooked and donated), fantastic prizes, great entertainment. What impressed everyone who was present was the warm atmosphere throughout the hall.


Above: Vasilis Vasilas thanks everyone for their support.

Above Right: Mytilenian Brotherhood President, Stavros Kritikos, in full swing during the auctions.

After years of working on archiving Lesvian migrants, Vasilis Vasilas, received accolades from a variety of representatives of Lesvian and Greek communities: Georgios and Nikoalos Savvas from the Progressive Community of Agiassos, John Loukadellis from the Antissian Association of NSW, Mary Peries-Tremoula from the Pan-Lesvian Federation of Australia and New Zealand, Theophilus Premetis from the Greek Foundation of Macquarie University, and of course, President of the Mytilenian Brotherhood of NSW, Stavros Kritikos.


Above: Platon Christou, Mihail and Eleni Papahatzis, Georgios Antoniou and his wife. 

Above Right: A packed Mytilenian House....  

An emotional Vasilis Vasilas thanked everyone for their support and generosity, and highlighted the monies raised will fund future projects, which include a picture book on the journey of Lesvian migrants to Australia and the archiving of migrant information of other Australian states.


Above: John Zographakis adds his personal touch to the afternoon's entertainment. 

Above Right: Georgios Moudanidis and his Choir provide the audience with a nostalgic journey of Greek music.  

For an entire text of Vasilis Vasilas' message of thanks click here

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