Migrants- Hidera

 Life Story: Grigorios Kambas


Surname: Kambas
Name: Grigorios
Life:     1916-2012
Father's Name: Mihail
Mother's Name:   Maria Sgoura 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1955
Sponsor:  Gov't Sponsored program (D.E.M.E) 
Married: Parthenopi Houvarda (Hidera) 
Children:  Mihail, Georgios, Maria 
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood: Small Business



Above: A portrait of myself- taken during my National Service. Despite being discharged early 1940, the outbreak of Greek-Italian War caused the mobilisation of Greek's armed forces and I served on the Albanian Front.

Above Right: Erskinville, late 1950's. My family in our mixed business shop. From left, we are: Mihalis, myself, Mary, Parthenopi and Giorgos.