Migrants- Paleohori

Family Name: Malama
Year of Birth: Paradisia 
Life:   1933- 1998
Father's Name: Ioannis (Paleohori)
Mother's Name:   Eleni Halaka (Paleohori)
Siblings:  Emmanouil, Apostolos, Panagiotis, Sultana (Koutsouradi), Spyridonas,
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1956
Sponsor:    Spyridonas Malamas (her brother)
Married: Grigorios Zadellis (Paleohori)
Children:  Jenny
City of Residence: Sydney
 Livelihood: Small Business- Take Aways

Above: Her parents, Ioannis and Eleni, and some of their grandchildren.

Above Right: Melinda Beach. With Evangelia Halaka (middle) and Mersina Loupou (right).

Above: As a teenager.

Above Right: Migrating to Australia. Paradisia is sitting on the right, while Mersini Markou is on the left. Standing are: Spyros Malamas (Dimitriou)- first from the left, and Apostolos Malamas (Paradisia's brother) is third from the right.

Above: With her husband, Grigorios Zadellis (middle) and her brother, Spyros (right).

Above Middle: With her husband, Grigorios.

Above Right: With her daughter, Jenny.