Migrants- Antissa


Family Name: Vouyouka
Name: Maria 
Year Of Birth:  1938
Father' Name: Andonios (Asia Minor)
Mother's Name:   Amerisouda Kyriakelli (Antissa)
Siblings:  Konstantina (Giournelou), Ioannis, Garoufali (Iatrou), Giannoula
Year of Arrival in New Zealand: 1962
Sponsor:    D.E.M.E. Gov't Sponsored Program
Married: Vasilios Yiourelis (Egaleo) 
Children:  Georgios, Andonios, Ioannis 
City of Residence: Wellington, New Zealand
 Livelihood: Factory Hand- Machinist


Above: My fahter, Andonios, with my sister, Garoufali (Litsa) and Ioannis. 

Above Right: Antissa, 1962. With the group of girls that went to learn domestic duties- organised by D.E.M.E Government Sponsored Program. L-R: Venetia, Kiki Karastamati, Maria Vatousi and myself. The photograph was taken before we left Antissa. 


Above: A portrait taken when I had first arrived in New Zealand. 

Above Right: My first job in New Zealand was at Silverstream Hospital. In this photograph, I am with another worker- from Germany (right). 


Above: With Kleanthi Stavrinou, who was another migrant who came to New Zealand with D.E.M.E. 

Above Right: An engagement photograph- with my fiance, Vasilios Yiourelis. 


Above: With my children, Ioannis, Georgios and Andonios. 

Above Right: A photograph taken during my father Andonios' visit to New Zealand. L-R: our horianoi, Zafiris and Maritsa Loukis, my son, Ioannis, and myself. Seated is my father, Andonios.