Purchasing the Booki

Purchasing Vasilis Vasilas' book

"Our Homeland: Lesvos" 

Since its Launch in Sydney on June 15, 2011, sales for "Our Homeland: Lesvos" have been steady. If anyone would like to purchase the book, a few things need to be considered.

The book weighs 1.67 kgs.

For Australians, they can ring Vasilis himself on 0422 891190 or send him an e-mail to vvasilas@syndesmos.net to make arrangements or to send a cheque/money order for $55 (plus postage ang handling).

Postage and Handling varies from city to city:

  1. Sydney  $ 9
  2. Melbourne   $ 12.80
  3. Perth  $ 16.70  

For multiple copies it is advisable to use the 5kg Express for $ 19.90. 

For people living around the world, the 1.67 kgs weight is expensive for postage. Mailing to Greece (by air costs) $ 62.05, for instance!

Please note:

For Melbourne, there will be a Book Launch in Melbourne in October, 2011.  

For Wellington (New Zealand), Vasilis will be traveling there late September to continue archiving New Zealand's Lesvian migrants.