Migrants- Agia Paraskevi


Family Name: Behlevanas
Name: Andonios    
Year of Birth:   1925
Father's Name: Panagiotis (Agia Paraskevi) 
Mother's Name:   Calliope Sarika (Agia Paraskevi) 
Siblings:  Theophrastos, Stella (Kodaktzi) 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1966
Married:  Niki Stamou (Elefsina, Greece) 
Children:  Panagiotis, Calliope
Livelihood:  Cook  
Year of Return to Greece:  19
City of Residence: Agia Paraskevi, Lesvos, Greece


Above: His maternal grandmother, Stavroula, with his brother, Theophrastos. 

Above Middle: His father, Panagiotis, with his brother, Theophrastos. 

Above Right: With his father, Panagiotis, and his sister, Stella. 


Above: With Apostolos Giannakellis (left) and his brother, Theophrastos (right). 

Above Right: At the panygiri of Agios Haralambos (left). 


Above: Playing for Diagoras Football Club. Andonios is standing second from the left. 

Above Right: In the army- first from the left. 


Above: With his wife, Niki. 

Above Right: Dressed in traditional Lesvian dress at the panygiri of Agios Haralambos in Melbourne.