Record Crowd Rock Agiassiotes Function

Oh, What a Night of Nights!

Saturday, 5 March, 2011

In what will be remembered as one of the most successful functions of the year, Progressive Community of Agiassos (Sydney) staged their Annual Apokriatiko Carnavale at the Mytilenian House, Canterbury.

The huge crowd truly turned back the clock, as it reminded everyone of the Community's heyday in the late 1980's. Over 385 people crammed into the Mytilenian House for a memrable night of satire- Agiassiotiko style- dance and fun.


Above: Georgios Panagis leads the parade onto the dance floor

Above: Vice President, Georgios Savvas, and President, Nikolaos Savvas, enjoy a quiet moment. .

The Community's President, Nikolaos Savvas, expressed his enthusiasm at "hosting one of the most successful events for the Community in many years" and specially thanked everyone's support.

Highlights on the Night were: John Aligiannis' Dance Group- who really started the Night's festivities (with a BANG!), the parade of dancing Agiassiotes and Agiassiotisses, and, of course, the satirists. Satirists included, Melpomeni Savva, Grigorios Xafellis, Themistocles Hatzinikolaou (read out by Marianna Hatziemmanouil), Nitsa Argyra, Efstratios Piperitis and Mihail Christofaris. It should be noted Nitsa- and her husband, Tasos, were visiting from the United States of America. Other guests included Secretary of the Pan-Lesvian Federation of Australia and New Zealand, Mary Tremoula.


Above: Louis Papadakis and friends enjoy the festivity. 

Above Right: Efstratios Piperitis does a dance before delivering his satire. 

"It is wonderful to see so many people- having so much fun," noted Secretary, Toula Rougelli, "and we would like to wish everyone "Kali Sararkosti" (Lent).


Above: Best Dressed Couple of the Night- Apostolos and Eleni "Bridgette" Tsimnadis. 

Above Right: Tasos and Nitsa (from the USA) having a great time. 

Editor's Note: It looks like Sydney's Agiassiotes have set the pace on this year's successful functions. It was a massive night! It was one of those nights when we will look back on it (after a few years) and say, "You had to be there!" Congratulations to everyone involved in the Night's success....

Photo Gallery: Satirists

Photo Gallery: Parade

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