Migrants- Agiassos


Surname: Giataganelli 
Name: Stavroula 
Year of Birth:  1924
Father's Name: Ioannis (Agiassos)
Mother's Name:   Eleni Kondi (Agiassos) 
Siblings: Maria (Gounari), Evangelia (Panagi), Panagiotis, Efstratios   
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1960
Sponsor:    Efstratios Komaitis (my husband) 
Married: Efstratios Komaitis (Agiassos)
Children:  Mihail, Xanthipi, Eleni
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood: Dress maker 


Above: At the opening of the sanitarium at Agiassos. From left, we are: our neighbor, Katina Psarou and her son, Grigorios; my mother, Eleni- with me as a youngster; Kleanthi and paternal aunt, Maria.
Above Right: In fourth grade at primary school. I am standing third from the left. Our teachers were Miss Calypso (from Asomatos) and Miss Antigone.
Above: With Myrsini Sklepou (left), dressed for a play , where we were dancers.
Above Right: With my two children, Xanthipi and Mihail; we migrated to Australia together.
Above: A portrait.
Above Right: With my husband, Efstratios Komaitis.
Above: With my daughter, Eleni, and her mother-in-law, Eleni Laskari.