Migrants- Agiassos

Family Name: Lagoutaris
Name: Georgios
Year of Birth:  1939
Father's Name: Ioannis (Plagia)
Mother's Name:   Vasiliki Kaseta (Agiassos)
Siblings:  Efstratia (Kloka), Panagiotis, Argiro (Makri)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1964
Sponsor:   Efstratia Kloka (my sister)
Married: Maria Georgala (Agiassos)
Children: Ioannis, Panagiota
City of Residence: Sydney
 Livelihood: Singer


Above: My family and wife. From left, they are: my brother, Panagiotis; my sister, Argiro; my mother, Vasiliki; and my wife, Maria. 

Above Right: "From a young age, I was interested in the arts, whether it was theatre or singing... In this photograph, I am on the left playing a play in Plagia." Giorgos Lagoutaris.


Above: As a seventeen-year-old in my first band, playing in Plagia. I am playing guitar, while Dimitrios Christos is playing violin. Dimitrios Stergianos is playing accordion in the back, and Ioannis Christos is playing santouri (left).

Above Right: During National Service, I was a sergeant. In this photograph, I am playing guitar, while our officers are dancing. The photograph was taken at the Sedes base, Thessaloniki.


Above: Singing at the Athina Nightclub. In the front row are: Panagiotis Dramanios (guitar), Mariana (backing singer), myself and Dimitris Mandalis (bouzouki). In the back are Giorgos Fotis (drums) and Nikos Stefanadakis.

Above Middle: Singing overseas, in Crete in 1977.

Above Right: A portrait used promotional work.

Above: Singing with my son, Ioannis, who succeeded as a singer (in the Greek community) in his own right. They are undoubtedly very proud moments in my life- to sing with my son- Giorgos Lagoutaris.