Migrants- Mytilene


Family Name: Avaliotou
Name: Stella
Year Of Birth:  1946
Father' Name: Panagiotis (Aivali, Asia Minor)
Mother's Name:   Kalliope Mapa (Petra, Lesvos)
Siblings:  Ekaterini (Stefanou)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1963
Sponsor:    Efstratios Tamvakeras (my husband)
Married: Efstratios Tamvakeras (Papados)
Children:  Nikolaos, Panagiotis, Spyridonas, Dimitra
City of Residence: Sydney


Above: My mother, Kalliope (1921-  )

Above Right: Papados, 1962. On my way to my wedding with Eftsratios Tamvakeras. I am being escorted by my maternal uncle and auntie, Efstratios and Anna. Next to my auntie is my sister, Ekaterini, who is part of the bridal party.


Above: With my daughter, Dimitra, my mother, Kalliope- who is holding Spyros- my two sons, Panagiotis and Nikos, and my husband, Efstratios. 

Above Right: With my husband Efstratios, in Rome's Colosseum (1979).