Migrants- Mesotopos


Family Name: Iosifelli 
Name: Eleni 
Life:  1923- 2000
Father's Name: Konstantinos 
Mother's Name:   Eugenia Haidemeneleou 
Siblings:  Despina, Dimitrios, Christina, Athina, Ioannis, Georgios, Minas
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1961
Sponsor: Vasilios Vasilas (her husband) 
Married: Vasilios Vasilas (Mesotopos)
Children: Efstratia (Toula), Mihail 
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
Year of Return to Greece: 1979


Above: Her parents, Konstantinos and Eugenia.
Above Right: With her children, Toula (Efstratia) and Mihail.
Above: With her siblings, Christina, Minas, Ioannis and Athina. Eleni is second from the right.

Above Right: Erskinville, Sydney, 1965. A family dinner. In the top row are: her son-in-law, Kostas Delmadoros; and her children, Mihalis and Toula. In the bottom row are: her brother, Minas; Eleni herself; her husband, Vasilios; her nephew, Kostas; her sister-in-law, Angela; and Ioannis Kambas