Migrants- Stypsi


Surname: Demertjis 
Name: Miltiades 
Year of Birth:   1945
Father's Name: Stylianos (Stypsi)
Mother's Name:   Konstantina Andriotou (Aivali, Asia Minor) 
Siblings: Ioannis, Eleni (Agamali), Maria (Gavriil), Efstratios
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1964
Sponsor:  Eleni Agamali (my sister) 
Married: Irini "Rita" Vourgoutzi (Strypsi) 
Children:  Konstantina, Efstratia, Hariklia 
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood: Small Business


Above: With my parents, Konstantina and Styliani, and my brothers, Efstratios and Ioannis.
Above Middle: A portrait of me.
Above Right: With my twin brother, Efstratios.
Above: With my wife, Rita (nee: Vourgoutzi).
Above Right: In my first family business, a milk bar in Yennora, with my wife, Rita. I bought the business in 1962 and when my brother, Efstratios migrated here (1964), he became my partner. We owned the business until 1976.
Above: Klapados, Lesvos. Late 1970’s. From left, we are: my wife, Rita, myself, Kostas Pitsoulis, Fotios Gavriil and Boubas’ son.
Above Right: With my wife, Rita, and our daughters, Konstantina, Efstratia and Hariklia.
Above: With my wife, Rita (left) and my brother, Efstratios with his wife, Maria.
Above Right: As President of Liverpool Olympic Soccer Club- a position I held for approximately 6 years (1998-2003). Behind me is Australian football legend, the late Johnny Warren.