Federation's AGM and Antamoma

Oceania’s Lesvians Come Together  

Saturday, March 6, 2009
It was a busy weekend for Lesvians in Melbourne this weekend as the Pan-Lesvian Federation of Australia and New Zealand held its inaugural Antamoma- at the Mytilenian Village, Bayswater, Melbourne.
Lesvians from Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, Wellington (New Zealand) and Melbourne attended an evening of good company, food and cheer.
“It was a great atmosphere tonight. To think that Lesvians from so many places to be part of the Antamoma is a great moment in our community’s relations,” stated Pan-Lesvian Federation President, Georgios Stavrinos. 
Above: President of the Pan-Lesvian Federation of Australia and New Zealand, Georgios Stavrinos, welcomes everyone. 
Above Right: President of Palesviaki Enosis of Melbourne and Victoria, Panagiotis Dimitriou, addresses members and guests.
Preceding the Antamoma was the Federation’s Annual General Meeting, where it was attended by delegates from Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, Wellington and Melbourne’s Lesvian groups: Adelaide was represented by its President, Dimitrios Lambrinos (and most of his Committee); Canberra was presented by its Secretary, Rita Gialousaki; Wellington was represented by its president, Haralambos Caldelis; Sydney was represented by its President, Stavros Kritikos and his Executive Committee; and Melbourne was represented by its President, Panagiotis Dimitriou and his Committee.
Above Left: Representatives from the various Lesvian Groups- Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington and the Federation- pose for a photograph.
Above Right: South Australia's Mytilineans- having a wonderful time. 

The Meeting set the tone for the whole weekend, as the proposals that were passed during the Meeting were all unanimously decided upon, highlighting an atmosphere and spirit of harmony, co-operation and progress.
 “We can announce that an Antamoma will now occur annually, as well as the Federation will have to begin its preparations for the hundredth anniversary of the liberation of our island- it is only two years away,” stated Federation President, Georgios Stavrinos.
Above Right: Sydney's Mytilineans enjoying themselves.  
 All photographs courtesy of Stavros Kritikos
Editor’s Note: Congratulations to the Federation in all its efforts and preparations to bring Oceania’s Lesvians together. With the spirit of harmony and mutual support, our community can only go forward. We look forward to the next Antamoma, and other functions organized by the Federation.