Migrants- Antissa


Surname: Varoufis 
Name: Iordanis "John" 
Year of Birth:  1949
Father's Name: Theodoros 
Mother's Name:   Dimitra Iordanou 
Siblings: Stylianos
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1959
Sponsor:    Theodoros Varoufis (my father)
Married: Eleni Mavrofora (Antissa) 
Children:  Theodoros, Mary 
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood: Small Business- taxi driver


Above: My father, Theodoros Varoufis, as a youngster in Thessaloniki.
Above Right: With my mother, Dimitra, and my brother, Stylianos.
Above: The Varoufis family- my parents, Dimitra and Theodoros.
Above Right: With my brother, Stylianos, during the first few weeks after arriving in Sydney.
Above: With friends, Jack Kyriakou (left) and his brother, Kostas (right).
Above Right: Family and friends. Standing left to right: Stelios Varoufis, Olga Abatzi, Areti Abatzi and, Averoff Abatzis. Sitting left to right are: Dimitra Varoufi (my mother), Elpida Abatzi, Theodoros Varoufis (my father), myself, Panagiotis Kyriazis, Ioannis Padermos and Irini Pandermos. Aspasia Padermos is the girl cut in the photo.
Above: With friends. L-R: Grigorios Douroudis, Ioannis Leontios, myself and Theologos Katehos.
Above Right: With my wife, Eleni, and our children, Theodoros and Mary.