Migrants- Mytilene

 Elle was born in Smyrne, Asia Minor. Her family arrived in Mytilene after the Exchange of Populations between Greece and Turkey (1922-23).

Family Name: Poulos 
Name: Elle   
Life:     1915- 2004 
Father's Name: Panagiotis 
Mother's Name:   Olympia 
Siblings:  Maritsa, Iro, Orestis, Thanos, Konstantinos, Theodoros 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1948
Sponsor:    Panagiotis Anagnostou (her fiance at the time) 
Married:  Panagiotis Anagnostou (Papados) 
Children:  Efstratios, Konstantinos
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
Livelihood:  Small Business- Milk Bars


Above: Her parents, Olympia and Panagiotis.

Above Right: Her family. With her parents, Olympia and Panagiotis, and her siblings, Theodoros, Maritsa, Iro, Thanos and Orestis. Elle is first from the left. Her brother, Konstantinos, had migrated to the United States of America. Her father was a merchant in Smyrne; after the Exchange of Populations between Greece and Turkey (1923), he brought to Mytilene a ouzo recipe and establshed Poulos Ouzo in Mytilene.  


Above: With her sisters, Maritsa (left) and Iro (right).

Above Right: With her brother, Orestis and his wife, Maritsa (right), and her brother, Konstantinos (left) who was visiting Lesvos. The photograph was taken in Mesotopos, Lesvos. 


Above: With her husband, Panagiotis. 

Above Right: With her children, Efstratios and Konstantinos. The photograph was taken in West Wyalong, New South Wales, where the family owned the Paragon Cafe at the time. 


Above: Her father, Panagiotis, with some of his grandchildren. 

Above Right: With her sons, Konstantinos and Efstratios. 

Above: Behind the counter of the family business, Peter's Milk Bar, in Burwood, Sydney.