Migrants- Mytilene


Surname: Patsamani
Name: Mary
Year of Birth:  1922
Father's Name: Georgios (Dikeli, Asia Minor)
Mother's Name:   Marina Mouhtouri (Paleohori)
Year of Arrival in Egypt: 1937
Sponsor:    Christos Mouhtouris (my uncle)
Year of Arrival in Australia:    1956
Sponsor:    Mihalis Tzokaris 
Married:  Ross Cash
Children:  Marina
City of Residence: Sydney
Livelihood:  Office Clerk, Typist


Above: My paternal grandparents, Panagiotis and Irini Albanis (Patsamanis). This photograph was taken in Dikeli, Asia Minor. 

Above Middle: With my parents, Georgios and Marina. 

Above Right: As a young child, with my uncle Nikos and cousin, Eleni. 


 Above: First Grade in Mytilene's Primary School at Agios Simeon. Our teacher is Ms Kavourina. I am seated fourth from the left, while my childhood friend, Marigo, is seated second from the right. Circa 1931. 

Above Right: A portrait. 


Above: With friends during an excursion outside Alexandria, Egypt. I am standing first from the left, while Vasiliki Vourlaki is standing third from the left, and Chrysanthi Kamaterou is seated first from the right. 

Above Right: With my uncle, Christos Mouhtouris (standing) and his step-brother, Charlie Mouhtouris- who was serving in the United States Army at the time. 


Above: As a member of Alexandria's Maritime Group. We have just completed a rowing race. My partner is Filitsa Petri (front). 

Above Right: Receiving a medal for winning a table tennis tournament in Alexandria. Circa 1944