Migrants- Dafia


Family Name: Kougiou     
Name: Vasilia 
Year of Birth:     
Father's Name: Elias (Vatousa)
Mother's Name:   Ralio Contelli (Filia) 
Siblings:  Andonios, Konstantinos, Venetia  
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1955
Sponsor:    D.E.M.E. Gov't Sponsored Program  
Married:  Dimitrios Alvanos (Kalloni)
Children:  Mihail, Asanoula
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia



Above: With my father, Elias (middle) and two gendarme officers. 

Above Right: Villawood Migrant Hostel, 1955. With my sibling, Andonios, Venetia, Konstantinos. 


Above: A portrait. 

Above Right: An engagement photograph- with my fiance, Dimitrios Alvanos.  


Above: With my husband, Dimitrios, on our wedding day. c1965.

Above Right: On my wedding day; with my peers. At the time, I worked at Coles. 


Above: With my wife, Vasilia, and our children, Mihail and Asanoula. 

Above Right: With my parents, Elias and Ralio. 

Above: With my husband, Dimitrios, at our orchids business.