Migrants- Antissa

Family Name: Loukis
Name: Panagiotis
Year Of Birth:  1946
Father' Name: Haralambos
Mother's Name:   Artemis Kyriakelli
Siblings:  Zafiris, Maria (Iatrelli), Georgia (Parmagos), Konstantinos
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1964
Sponsor:    Zafiris Loukis (my brother)
Married: Konstantina Georgopoulou (Tripolis)
Children:  Haralambos, Trisevgeni
City of Residence: Sydney
 Livelihood: Factory Hand- Leather Goods



Above: My parents, Haralambos and Artemis.

Above Right: Members of my family. Standing are: my sister, Maria, and my parents, Artemis and Haralambos. Sitting are: myself- with my nephew, Haralambos- my nephew, Ioannis and my cousin, Garoufali. My two nephews are Maria's sons.

Above: Picnic at La Perouse, Sydney, with family and friends. Sitting are: Pavlos Toubekelis, Dennis Katehos, Evangelia Toubekelis, Andonis Toubekelis and Fotios Parmagos. Standing are: Pandelis Toubekelis, my sister, Georgia, Ioannis Katehos, Permathoula Katehos and my wife, Konstantina.

Above Right: The Committee of the Antissean Association of Sydney (1983). From left we are: Dimitrios Kapetanellis (President), Konstantinos Gialopoulis, Nikolaos Parmagos, Stelios Nerantzos, Alekos Stamoulis (not part of the Committee), Eurydiki Koutrouli, Andonios Parmagos, myself and Dimitrios Vallis.


Above: With my wife, Konstantina, and our children, Haralambos and Trisevgeni (Trish).

Above Right: With my wife, Konstantina, our daughter, Trisevgeni (Trish) and our grandchildren, Panagiotis, Kallisteni and Konstantina.