Migrants- Molivos


Surname: Baliaka 
Name: Efstratia 
Life:    1910- 1990
Father's Name: Grigorios (Molivos) 
Mother's Name:   Chrystouda Vouzaki (Molivos) 
Siblings: Maria (Vaxevani), Eleni (Kariofili), Konstantinos
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1931
Married: Elias Kakadellis (her husband) 
Married: Elias Kakadellis (Tenedos, Turkey)
Children:  Mary, Efstratios, Christos, Alek 
City of Residence: Melbourne
Livelihood: Domestic Duties 


Above: Her mother, Chrystouda- with her grandaughter, Chrystouda.

Above Right: With her sister, Maria (left). Circa 1922.

Above Right: With her husband, Elia, and their first child, Mary.


Above: Picnic in Melbourne. From left, they are: a visitor from Sydney; her daughter, Mary, and her husband, Chris- who is holding their daughter Magaret; visitor from Sydney; Efstratia herself; and her husband, Elia. The young boy at the front is her son, Alek.

Above: With her first grandchild, Magaret.