Migrants- Skopelos


Family Name: Papantoniou  
Name: Mersini 
Year of Birth:       1934
Father's Name: Vlasis (Papados) 
Mother's Name:   Evangelia Papagrigoriou (Skopelos)
Siblings:  Efstratios 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1951 
Sponsor:    Vlasis Papantoniou (my father)
Married:  Efstratios Onoufriades (Gera) 
Children:  Mihail, Aerti (Rita)
City of Residence: Geralton, Western Australia and Sydney, Australia
Livelihood:  Small Business- shops 


Above: Dressed for the Apokries Carnavale with my brother, Efstratios.

Above Right: With friends and celebrating the Apokries Carnavale.  L-R: Tasoula, unknown, Maria and me. 


Above: With my mother, Evangelia, and my brother, Efstratios. This photograph was taken when we were preparing to migrate to Australia. 

Above Right: The Papantoniou family- with my parents, Vlasis and Evangelia, and my brother, Efstratios. 

Above: Picnic at Geralton, Western Australia, with other Greeks of the town. My mother, Evangelia, and I are sixth and seventh from the right in the second row. My brother, Efstratios, is in the top row, first from the left.

Above: With my children, Mihail and Areti (Rita).