Villages- Hidera

Family Name: Koudouna
Name: Evangelia
Year Of Birth:  1945
Father' Name: Demosthenes
Mother's Name:   Myrsini Voudouri
Siblings:  Mihail, Evdoxia (Koudouna)
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1965
Sponsor:    Theophanis Karamihalis (my uncle)
Married: Ioannis Krallis (Antissa)
Children:  Theodoros, Demosthenes (Dennis)
City of Residence: Sydney
 Livelihood: Small Business- Angela's Florist

Above: Hidera 1974. My family in Greece. From left they are: my niece, Migdalia,; my sister, Evdokia; my mother, Myrsini; and my brother, Mihalis.

Above: With my fiance and future husband, Ioannis Krallis.

Above Right: With family and friends at an Antissean Dance. I am sitting first from the left, while my husband, Ioannis, is sitting third from the left.