Migrants- Kapi


Family Name: Georgalas
Name:  Doukas
Year Of Birth:   1941
Father' Name: Haralambos (????, Asia Minor)
Mother's Name:    Angela Dimitrakelli (????, Asia Minor)
Siblings:    Vyron, Konstantinos, Nikolaos, Ignatios

Year of Arrival in Australia:

Sponsor:      Konstantinos and Nikolaos Georgalas (my brothers)
Married:       Argyro Plakoraki (Vamos, Kriti)
Children:      Angela, Georgia, Haralambos, Maria, Emmanouil
City of Residence: Melbourne
 Livelihood:   Small Business: Cafes and, Cleric


Above: Two photographs taken while I was holidaying on Lesvos (1970). I met some old friends and they invited me to play in their band. Menelaos played violin/trombone, Mihail played piano, Efstratios played bouzouki and I played accordion. 


Above: With an employee in my family business, a milk bar in Heidelberg, Melbourne (1969). 

Above Right: A portrait, as a Greek Orthodox Priest.