Migrants- Plomari

Family Name: Zaloumi 
Name: Stella      
Year of Birth: 1936
Father's Name: Filipas (Plomari)  
Mother's Name:   Irini Gaitani (Plomari)
Year of Arrival in New Zealand: 1961
Sponsor: Dimitrios Sotirhos (Plomari)
Married: Dimitrios Ikonomou (Plomari)  
City of Residence: Wellington, New Zealand
Livelihood: Factory Hand



Above: My parents, Filipas and Irini. 

Above Right: Dressed in traditional salvaria for Apokries Carnavale. 


Above: In a school play for Indepedence Day celebrations. In the top are Mihalis Asmanis, unknown, and myself, while in the front row are unknown, Marika Gaitani and Persa. 

Above Right: Family and horianoi. L-R: Papadoula Vounatsou, my father-in-law, Sarandos Ikonomou, Aspasia-holding Ioannis- and Efstratios Merkoutis, my husband, Dimitrios, my uncle, Simos Gaitanos, myself, my mother, Irini, and my father, Filipas. In the front is Marika Gaitanis.