The Campaign Begins...

Falling in Love with Lesvos

October, 2010

Syndesmos recently launch its campaign, "In Love with Lesvos" in its Forum Section to promote the vast array of Lesvos' socio- cultural offerings.

With "In Love with Lesvos" Syndesmos users will have the opportunity to upload places they have visited and subsequently recommend for others to visit.

"The purpose of this initiative is to give exposure to everything good about Lesvos; our island has just so much to offer any visitor that we really need to get behind supporting it in our own way," explained Syndesmos Co-ordinatorm, Vasilios Vasilas.

"Whether it is its historical sites, impressive landscapes, cultural events, beautiful beaches or variety of restaurants, Lesvos has it all. "By exposing and promoting what an enormous variety of socio-cultural alternatives Lesvos has on offer, I hope we can generate interest on our island."

Over the next few weeks, Vasilios will be uploading some of the places he visited during his recent holidays on the island, which will hopefully spur other Syndesmos users to contribute to this campaign with their own Lesvian "gems".

Please note: "In Love with Lesvos" is found in General Discussion section of Forums.