Migrants- Plomari

Family Name: Zaloumes
Name:  Sarandos
Year Of Birth:   1940
Father' Name: Dimitrios (Plomari)
Mother's Name:    Pelagia Loupos (Plomari)
Siblings:    Irini (Giannolelli)

Year of Arrival in Australia:

Sponsor:      Emmanouil Makaratzis (Plomari)
Married:       Ekaterini Tragaki (Australian-born of Plomaritan parentage)
Children:      Maria, Dimitrios  
City of Residence: Wellington (New South Wales), Sydney
 Livelihood:   Small Business: Bill's Cafe, milk bar


Above: My parents, Dimitrios and Pelagia.

Above: My sister, Irini, and her husband, Dimitrios.
Above: Athens, 1956. In Athens for a transit stop, and on my way to Navarino where I boarded a liner bound for Australia. My father, Dimitrios (left) had escorted me to Athens.
Above: Working at the Rex Cafe, Walgett, New South Wales; with Maria Papantoniou and her daughter, Eleni. Maria and her husband, Dimitrios, were from Papados, Lesvos, and they treated me so well- as if I was their own child. I worked for them for nine years in the 1950's.
Above: Wellington (New South Wales). At my daughter and nephew's baptism; as there was no Greek Orthodox Church in Wellington, we actually did the baptisms in our Cafe, Bill's Cafe. Rev. Father, Koukoulas, from Dubbo, would come to Wellington to do the baptisms. From left, we are: my father-in-law, Vasilios Tragakis; my brother-in-law, Panagiotis; myself; my mother-in-law, Maria; my wife, Kathy- who is holding our daughter, Maria; workers, Manuel Koutsouradis and Fay; and my sister-in-law, Argiro- who is holding Vasili. 
Above: At the Annual Grecian Ball organised by the Greek Orthodox Church, in Dubbo. I am Greek dancing with my wife, Kathy, and we are the first couple. I was part of the Church's Committee for many years- as a Committee member, Secretary and Treasurer (at different times).

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