Cruise: Another Success

New South Wales’ Presidency of Pan Lesvian Federation Ends on a High Note

Sunday, November 25, 2008
Despite looming storm clouds, the Pan Lesvian Federation held a very successful cruise around Sydney Harbour, where approximately 250 Mytileneans and friends enjoyed an evening of delicious food and spirited dancing.
After holding the Chair of the Pan Lesvian Federation of Australia and New Zealand for the last two years, President, Giorgos Kefalas, and his Committee, expressed their joy and satisfaction that the end of their two-year service ended on such a high note.
“It is wonderful to see so many people supporting us. In the two years, we have worked hard to promote the Mytilenian identity and spirit both here and abroad, and (I suppose) today’s success is simply the icing on the cake. It is most fulfilling to watching everyone enjoying themselves; it justifies the need for our Federation,” stated President, Giorgos Kefalas.
The Cruise was also attended by Sydney’s Consul General of the Hellenic Republic, Vasilios Tolios, who presented members of the Federation’s Committee with Medals from the Prefecture of Lesvos.
President, Giorgos Kefalas (left) and Cosul General of the Hellenic Republic, Vasilios Tolios (right).  
Another official guest was the Hellenic Herald’s senior reporter, Giorgos Tserdanis, who reiterated, “No-one can doubt the enthusiasm and energy of someone like Giorgos Kefalas, who against all odds, can achieve such successes”.
The Federation’s Annual General Meeting will be held in Melbourne in the coming months, where elections will be held.

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