Migrants- Plomari


Life Story

Surname Kontopos
Name: Ioannis
1908- 1992
Father's Name: Doukas
Mother's Name:   Amerisouda 
Siblings:  Grigorios, Evangelos, Metaxia (Kathestidi), Evanthia (Araboglos)
Year of Arrival in New Zealand: 1928
Sponsor:    Emmanouil Moutzouris (Plomari)
Married: Kleanthi Pitsiladi (Plomari)
Children:  Doukas, Tzanos
City of Residence: Wellington, New Zealand
 Livelihood: Small Business- Restaurant and Cafe

Above: Sundays were picnic days. Favourite spots were the Botanical Gardens and the Zoo. Ioannis, with his wife , Kleanthi (Pitsiladis) and their son, Doukas, outside the entrance of the Wellington Zoo.

Above Right: Walking down Willis St, Wellington, with his son, Doukas, and Mr George (Mastrogeorgos). George was also from Plomari, who sponsored many Plomarites to New Zealand.

Above: The Kontopos Family. From left: son, Doukas; parents Kleanthi and Ioannis; and son, Tzanos. Photograph was taken at Doukas' 21st Birthday.