Migrants- Plomari


Family Name: Kaldelis
Name: Ioannis      
Year of Birth: 1947
Father's Name: Efstratios (Plomari)  
Mother's Name:   Irini Petrelli (Plomari)
Siblings:  Haralambos 
Year of Arrival in New Zealand: 1958
Sponsor: Ioannis "Jack" Kaldelis (my uncle)
Married: Catherine Gasteri (Vathi, Macedonia)  
Irini, Christine    
City of Residence: Wellington, New Zealand
Livelihood: Electrician, Enginner- Ford Motor Company



Above: As children- with my younger brother, Haralambos. 

Above Right: With my father, Efstratios, and brother Haralambos. 


Above: Cheers! L-R: myself, Sranados and Panagiota Tiropolis, my parents, Irini and Efstratios, and my uncle Ioannis "Jack" and his wife, Flora.  My brother, Haralambos, was taking the photograph. 

Above Right: Family and friends. Standing left to right are: my parents, Efstratios and Irini-who is holding Meropy Lagoutaris, and Marika and Efstratios Lagoutaris.  

Above: Family and friends. Standing from left to right: myself, my brother, Haralambos, my parents, Efstratios and Irini, Georgia, my aunt, Flora, and uncle, "Jack". In the front row are: Dimitrios Psaras and, Sarandos and Panagiota Tiropolis.