Villages- Plomari

Family Name: Koundouri
Name:  Maria
Life:  1913- 1991
Father' Name: Aristides (Plomari)
Mother's Name:    Ekaterini Aramboglou (Plomari)
 Siblings:    Nikolaos, Panagiotis, Ioannis, Anastasia

Year of Arrival in Australia:

Married:       Vasilios Tragakis (Plomari)
Children:      Panagiotis, Ekaterini
  City of Residence: Wellington (New South Wales)
 Livelihood:   Small Business- Bill's Cafe 


Above: Her parents, Aristides and Ekaterina, and her siblings, Nikolaos, Anastasia, Panagiotis and Ioannis.

Above Right: With her husband, Vasilios Tragakis. Circa 1939.


Above: With her children, Ekaterina (Kathy) and Panagiotis (Peter), at the back of their family business- Bill's Cafe in Wellington (New South Wales).

Above Right: Her brother, Nikolaos, with her children, Panagiotis and Ekaterina. 
Above: Family and friends. From left, they are: herself; Koula Scarli; her son, Panagiotis; her daughter, Ekaterina- who is holding Stathi; Edith Coundouri (nee: Gialouri); Ioannis- holding Vasilios; and Anthony Vellis. The children in the front are: Aristidi and Irini.
Above Right: Athens, 1956. At the Olympic Stadium (during the family trip to Greece). From left, they are: her son, Panagiotis; herself; her daughter, Ekaterina; her sister, Anastasia; her husband, Vasilios and his brother, Efstratios.