Migrants- Agia Paraskevi


Family Name: Komninaka 
Name: Konstantina 
Year of Birth:    1937
Father's Name: Nikolaos (Agia Paraskevi)
Mother's Name:   Efterpi Tsohaderi (Agia Paraskevi) 
Siblings:  Maritsa (Hondrou) 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1958
Sponsor:    Efstratios "Stan" Savvas (Agia Paraskevi) 
Married: Efstratios Mihailaros (Agia Paraskevi) 
Children:  Maria, Efterpi 
City of Residence: rural New South Wales, Canberra and Sydney
Livelihood: Small Business- Cafes, Milk Bars, Coffe Lounges


Above: My father, Nikolaos, during his National Service.

Above Right: Dressed in traditional dress for Independence Day celebrations.


Above: At Agios Dimitrios. L-R: Taxiarhoula, myself, Elisabeth and my sister, Maritsa.

Above Right: With my daughters, Maria and Efterpi, at our family business, the Argent Milk Bar, in Broken Hill, New South Wales.


Above: With my mother, Efterpi, and my daughters, Maria and Efterpi.

Above: Syntagma Square, Athens. With my husband, Efstratios, and our daughters, Maria and Efterpi.  


Above: With my husband, Efstratios, and our grand-daughter, Alexia.