Migrants- Asomatos


Family Name: Frantzis 
Name: Dimitrios
Year of Birth:    1947
Father's Name: Athanasios (Asomatos) 
Mother's Name:   Argiro Roumeliotou (Asomatos)
Siblings:  Georgios, Efstratios, Antigone (Kakobianco) 
Year of Arrival in Australia: 1971
Sponsor:    Georgios and Antigone Kakobianco (my siblings)
Married:  Panagiota Stylianidou (Morfou, Cyprus)
Children:  Vasilios, Stylianos 
City of Residence: Sydney, Australia
Livelihood: Small Business- Vegetable Wholesaler Lemdel



Above: My parents, Argiro and Athanasios (front row, middle and right respectively) and my sister, Antigone (back, right) pose with friends. 

Above Right: Excursion to Chios with friends. I am second from left. 


Above: At the limanaki at Pyrgi. 

Above Right: With my brother, Efstratios, and nephew, Athanasios


Above: At our fruit shop in Mortdale, Sydney. L-R: my brother, Efstratios, myself, my brother-in-law, Frank- and his brother, Petro. 

Above Right: With my siblings, Antigone and Efstratios. 


Above: A photograph taken during my brother Georgios' visit to Australia. L-R: my sister, Antigone; myself; my brother, Georgios; my mother, Argiro; my sister, Vasiliki; and my father, Athanasios. In the front are niece and nephew, Mary and Anthony.

Above Right: My family. In the back are my wife, Panagiota "Toula", myself, and my son, Vasilis. In the front are my son, Stylianos- with his wife, Christina, and daughter, Nicolette.  

Above: My parents, Athanasios and Argiro.